Healthy Hair, Happier You: Discover the magic of natural ingredients with Skin Rules

Healthy Hair, Happier You: Discover the magic of natural ingredients with Skin Rules

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We have all had our share of exceptionally good hair days & those horrible “bad hair days”. For some reason, we just cannot figure out a way to get our hair to behave (wink). To top it off, a lifestyle that’s always on the go, one which lacks nutrition & involves a polluted environment, adds to the distance between you & healthy hair. Truth be told, the best way to keep your hair healthy is to keep it natural. Our body loves “natural”, especially our hair because natural ingredients nourish, replenish & protect our hair in the best possible way- without any side effects*.

Ancient ayurveda suggests that our hair is an extension of our bones & is intimately connected with our nervous system. Its very important to keep this in mind, especially when we choose a haircare product since different chemicals can affect our nervous system. This is where the whole narrative of “Keep it natural” comes from. But how do you actually “Keep it natural?” & is it really possible when we consider the current world scenario?

There is a whole list of natural ingredients that can prove to be extremely fruitful for your hair. We’ll be covering the most effective ingredients stated in Ayurveda like Bringaraj (Eclipta Alba), Aamla (gooseberries), Reetha, Bramhi, Shikakai, Hibiscus & Coconut Milk. It’s time to explore mother nature’s magical ingredients & learn how they can keep your hair healthier, fuller & shinier! (Make sure you consult a doctor regarding allergies & side effects before using these ingredients.)

Bringharaj (Eclipta Alba)
Bringharaj has been used for centuries for hair care due to its dense nutrient & mineral profile that contribute to healthy hair. Packed with vitamin D, E, calcium, and magnesium, iron, the herb is a powerhouse of nutrients. It nourishes hair follicles & improves hair growth acting as a highly effective natural remedy for hair loss. Bringharaj contains alkaloids, flavonoids & a wide range of other nutrients which stimulate hair growth. Apart from this, this ingredient has the ability to counter premature greying, by preventing excess melanin production. The herb is rich in fatty acids which can repair damaged hair, giving them a youthful appearance.

Here’s how you can incorporate Bringharaj into your routine:

1.) Do your research & get high-quality Bringharaj oil 

2.) Warm up the oil (in a microwave or place the bottle in warm water) & apply it onto the scalp by parting your hair.
3.) Apply it onto the scalp first & make your way up to the tips of the hair.
4.) Leave it overnight (recommended) or wash it off with a shampoo after 30 mins

Doing this regularly can give make your hair healthier & prevent other issues like hair loss & hair-greying.

Aamla (Indian Gooseberry)
Known for its dense antioxidant profile that not only benefits the hair but overall health as well, Aamla is an excellent source of nutrition for your hair. Firstly, the antioxidants present in this berry promote hair growth by preventing damage to hair follicles caused by free radicals within the body. Aamla contains vitamin C in high concentrations which stimulates the production of collagen, a chemical responsible for healthier hair. It also contains This ingredient is a natural conditioner, giving you softer, stronger & frizz-free hair. Its anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties make it an excellent remedy for dandruff and other scalp infections.

Here’s how you use Aamla:
1.) Do your research & get high-quality or juice. The juice can be taken orally once a day, first thing in the morning. We will be focusing on how to use Aamla oil.
2.) Once you have applied the Aamla oil thoroughly to your scalp & hair, leave it overnight or wash it off after 30 mins if you are in a hurry.
3.) You can wear a shower cap to help the oil penetrate further into your scalp.

4.) Rinse off with warm water & shampoo

Adding these steps to your haircare routine can help in preventing scalp infections & promote healthy hair growth.

Reetha (Soapnut)
Aptly called “Nature’s Soap” this herb gets its name from the saponins it contains which create a lather just like soap. Reetha is very effective in washing off dirt & oil from hair and scalp. It is also an excellent natural conditioner & prevents dandruff along with other scalp infections. The ingredient contains Vitamin A, D, E & K which contribute towards healthy blood flow, ultimately leading to healthy hair growth.

Follow these steps to use Reetha in your hair care routine:
1.) Soak a handful of Reetha pods in water & leave them overnight.
2.) Boil this mix for around 10-15 mins until they release their lather.

3.) Strain the mixture & let it cool before applying it.
4.) Wet your scalp & apply the liquid thoroughly.
5.) Wash it off with a  shampoo & warm water. Use a conditioner in case there are tangles

Regular usage of Reetha can nourish the scalp, leaving your hair shiny & soft.

Bramhi (Bacopa Monnieri)
This ingredient has the secret to taking down one dreadful thing- split ends! With its wide nutrient profile which contains Vitamin A, B & C, Bramhi strengthens hair & prevents split ends. It also soothes the scalp & drastically reduces itching or any sort of irritation on the scalp. Apart from this, the ingredient is also known to reduce hair fall & prevent dandruff.

Here’s how you can incorporate Bramhi into your hair care routine:
1.) You can find high-quality Bramhi oil easily on the internet. In case you don’t high quality Bramhi powder also works- use it with warm coconut oil.

2.) Massage the warm oil thoroughly onto the scalp & hair. Wash it off after an hour with warm water & cleansing  shampoo.

3.) You can also mix Bramhi powder with yogurt and make a hair mask. Wash it off thoroughly after 30 mins.

Using Bramhi once or twice a week can keep your scalp free from infections & your hair healthy and shiny.

Shikakai (Acacia Concinna)
Shikakai is an ingredient that has been a part of ayurvedic hair care remedies for centuries. It’s considered to be one of the most potent medicines in ayurveda, due to its ability to strengthen the hair & cleanse the scalp. It is a natural conditioner, gentle de-tangler, natural dandruff remedy- and that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this nature’s wonder. This herb contains saponins, vitamins & antioxidants which keep your hair healthy, soft & shiny. In case you have stubborn dandruff, Shikakai can be used as a natural remedy for the same.

Here’s how you can extract the goodness of Shikakai:
1.) To use Shikakai for hair care, you can make a hair mask or a hair rinse by mixing Shikakai powder with water, yogurt, or aloe vera gel.
2.) Apply the mixture to your hair and scalp, leave it on for 30 minutes to an hour, then rinse it off with warm water.
3.)You can also use Shikakai shampoo, which is available in stores, or add Shikakai powder to your regular shampoo.

Shikakai is safe to use and can be used once or twice a week as part of your hair care routine.

Hibiscus has several potential health benefits for hair care, including promoting hair growth, preventing hair loss, and strengthening hair follicles. It may also help to reduce dandruff and improve scalp health. This flower is an all-in-one solution to hair problems likehair fallll, dandruff & is a natural conditioner as well.

The best way to use hibiscus for hair care is:
1.) Make a hair mask by blending fresh hibiscus flowers and leaves with water or oil.
2.) Apply the mask to the hair and scalp & leave it on for 30-60 minutes.
3.) Wash gently with warm water.

Coconut Milk
Primarily, coconut milk moisturizes hair with its rich fat content. These healthy fats make hair supple, shiny & soft. Studies have shown that this ingredient contains lauric acid which is a long-chain fatty acid that penetrates hair & strengthens the cuticle. It also restores dry, itchy scalp to a healthier, infection-free scalp. The moisturizing abilities paired with the dense nutritional profile of coconut milk is something that makes it an ideal addition to your haircare routine.

Coconut milk can be used in several ways as part of a haircare routine, including:

1.) Hair mask: Mix coconut milk with honey or aloe vera gel and apply to hair and scalp. Leave on for 20-30 minutes before rinsing with water.

2.) Conditioner: Mix coconut milk with a few drops of essential oil and apply to hair after shampooing. Leave on for a few minutes before rinsing with water.

3.) Leave-in treatment: Apply coconut milk to hair and scalp, and leave in without rinsing for a few hours or overnight for maximum benefits.

4.) Scalp treatment: Mix coconut milk with lemon juice and apply to the scalp. Leave on for 20-30 minutes before rinsing with water. This can help to treat dandruff and soothe an itchy, irritated scalp.

Regardless of how you choose to use coconut milk in your haircare routine, it's important to ensure that you rinse thoroughly with water to avoid any residue buildup on your hair.

That concludes everything you need to know about natural haircare ingredients that solve all hair care problems. Although you can find all these ingredients online, keeping a track & using them all together can be a task in itself. Which is why we at SkinRules formulated a powerful natural shampoo that’s enriched with the benefits of seven natural ingredients- Bringaraj (Eclipta Alba), Aamla (gooseberries), Reetha, Bramhi, Shikakai, Hibiscus & Coconut Milk. Haircare just became a whole lot easier for you & that too with the gentle touch of mother nature with a contemporary twist.  Tap here to know more about the Healthy Hair Shampoo from Skin Rules.

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